Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tablets, ebook readers, Ipad, and what not.

I was probably seconds away from clicking the purchase button to get a sleek and sexy Ipad online. I've been searching for a ebook reader for the past 2 weeks, and ended up leaning towards the ipad for a long time. I loved the app Noterize where I could put notes all over my books that I needed to study.

The price was usd$599 for the 32gb Wifi only edition, and its quite certain that Apple will not lower the price for awhile. The response seemed to be overwhelming despite the fact that there are complaints of no camera, and that you can't multi-task on this device. I'm a fan of multi-tasking, and I've always had multiple tabs everytime I sit at my laptop. I didn't want to splurge on the 3G version, as my HTC phone already has it, and I can surf net and all on it now, without the "bigger" screen.

I like Android as it is, with more "free" apps available in the App store. However, Apple's Itunes, although need to spend abit of $ to get on with the better apps, it really does have alot of better apps. If only any device could get hold of them, they'd probably earn much more on the Apps store.

I did a further search into the Ipad after being hesistant to pay for the tax, which led it to cost me an additional $40 more on the purchase. I've never been more thankful for all the information online. I discovered that the Ipad was having problems connecting to the Wifi, and that Apple have acknowledged that. For someone like me, who can't live without being "connected", how can I purchase something, that is already facing connection problems even before I purchased it?

I further went on to search on other tablets, there's gonna be a good invasion on tablets after seeing how Ipad ruled for awhile, and how consumers are indirectly feedbacking to what the Pad was lacking. I'm eyeing on the Micro Cruz tablets, the Eeepc, the Asus, and the Dell tablets coming out soon. Though on Android still, I'm happy with the lower price tag on the Android systems, and corrections to what consumers want. Plus, I'm quite sure, there'll eventually be a flood of apps to be used for the Android once the market is sufficiently filled.

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