Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I love you. 1 year of marriage.

It only seems like yesterday that we were standing in the little white hut by Keppel Club saying our vows, and I dos. I held back my tears as you put the ring on me, knowing that we're gonna have each other till death do us part. We have had many ups and downs in our relationship, our journey to getting married, and our moving here.

We were hesitant, somewhat afraid, at the thought of being here alone, of being unable to cope, never having lived on our own before, the fear of managing everything on ourselves were huge. Yet we've overcome it, and came so far. The combination of you and me, leaves us no fear. We have fought, and quarreled, shouted hurtful things to one another, argued our insecurities, and at the same time, letting one another know our fears. Each unhappy episode led to tears, and sadness, not forgetting the hurt we feel inside. But each time, allowing us to know one another better, building our relationship, as it gets stronger every day.

Every day we are together, we learn about one another. We stay strong together, because we never stop working on our relationship to stay together. Thank you for being the man of my house. Thank you for supporting me through my successes and failures. Thank you for looking after me all these times. Thank you for working hard to bring the dough back so I have no other worries, than to do my best to look after our home, and focus on what I should. Thank you for thinking for me all the time. Thank you for bringing me on all our travels and planning for future ones. We will hit our goal to travel around the world one day. Together we'll make that journey happen.

So many words to describe how I feel for you, but you should know it by now. 8 years dating, 1 year of marriage. Every moment with you is a celebration. I love you.

Happy 1st Year Anniversary of Marriage.
Aaron & Natx 09/09/09.
With many more to come. ;)


  1. Congratulations! May more happiness comes your way.

  2. SWEET! Congrats & may ur happiness last forever! Stay this loving always:)

  3. Thank u for ur kind comments.. I'll be setting up a date in our home.. so stay tuned for the pictures coming up. ;)