Friday, March 30, 2012

A wintry update.

Yeah I'm back!

After a long break. 2012 came hard and fast, and I've been pretty much lazing on the couch. Haven't been updating the blog, haven't been blogging at all. The last post was like in November 2011. I haven't been up to anything much yet. Didn't do much traveling since we're trying to save up for our home and renovations.

The first couple of months in 2012 have been just plain old snowboarding for the hubby every weekend. I joined him on a couple of trips trying to ski down the basic slopes. But still, the thrill really isn't for me. I spent half the time frustrated and screaming. The slopes were way too fast for me and my muscles ached day after day after just one trip.

Also, it seems like every single time I go to a ski resort, the snow storms followed me. These mountains claim to be the sunniest mountains ever, with the best weather conditions. But each time I went, a snow storm comes, and the guys explained that, it hasn't happened in the last xx years. The conditions were way bad for beginners like me, making the snow conditions hard to ski in.