Thursday, September 29, 2011

I can't wait!!!! Nokia product review coming up!

OMG! Time flies! And it flies so very fast! Since the Border's closing down sale, I've been stuck on reading my books, trying new recipes, and playing with my gadgets.. How do people update their blogs like everyday??? I do have lots of photos, but the thought of loading them up one by one, kills! I'm a LAZY blogger, get used to it! But hey, I'm trying! Give me some more time!! I'll eventually post all my pics up!

I've been wanting to get into doing product reviews. And I'm glad to say Nokia has accepted my request! I'm so excited that my items have shipped out, and I get to play with them for 2 weeks. Excited to know what is coming up? I'll take pics of the unboxing and share with you my experience. 

Meanwhile, I have plenty of reviews I'd like to do. Mainly with my self purchased new gadgets and new games. Trying to organise my life alittle right now, and hopefully, you'll get more regular posts, with photos! ;)