Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AA - App-aholic Anonymous

I need help. I'm App-aholic. What does it mean? Yah, I self created it. Basically, if you're like me, constantly downloading new apps, checking them out on Itunes or Android Market, and you get more Apps than clothes, that's App-aholic behavior. You spend hours and hours on your gadgets, and the juice in them can never last an entire day without charging.

I haven't blogged for like almost a month, and if you do follow me on Twitter (@natxwang), you would have found out about my recent purchases. The new LG G2x Android phone, and the ultra sold out, Ipad 2.

I did mention that getting the Ipad 2 will help me blog more often from everywhere, but who am I lying to? There's so many things to do on that thing, and plus the new phone, I hardly have enough of the Itunes, and the Android Market. ARGH!

I'll probably put up some reviews on Applications for both markets that I really like. I have like 80 - 100 Apps on my Ipad 2 and counting, and probably another 50 on my Android phone. I've been trying to rearrange all my short cuts, my scrolling is endless, and I have 100+ of podcasts and almost 20 magazines that need my attention. Yikes!

I love that I'm hardly bored, or idle. I'm a gadget girl. I can do without my Guccis and Louis Vuittons, I don't own any of them. But I can't do without my gadgets. And, I really do look after them very well. They are like my babies. My camera - a Panasonic FZ35, my Ipad 2, my Asus gaming laptop, my 1tb portable drive, my phone, and me. And they go with me everywhere, on every roadtrip, holiday and all.

You can imagine how many chargers I have to remember to pack, how many batteries I need to make sure are well charged before I set off. Not forgetting all the backups. And, most importantly, the accessories. Camera lenses, cleaning kits, tripods, mouse, blah blah blah. The list goes on and on, yeah its heavy, but I really can't do without them, can't do without a small handbag either, need to fit my camera and Ipad 2 at the same time!

Sigh, I'm excited about the upcoming summer road trips. My ipad and phone is all loaded and power packed with entertainment, and ready to go! New lenses are coming today for my camera! Just ordered another 16,000 mAh external battery pack that can provide an extra 30 hours usage to my ipad 2 and g2x. I'll drop a review for both gadgets soon, and what accessories you need to buy. Any app-aholic anonymous meetings for me?