Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hard at work, out!

One of my resolutions was to get fitter this year. Being here, and having the chance to go for road trips around the USA, and visiting the famous national parks, but not having the endurance and breath to appreciate each park in their entire beauty sickens me.

I wanted to be able to organise hikes to go up hills and mountains to take photos of the beautiful land around us. After all, when we do go back to SG, its only gonna be bukit timah hill to climb. So this winter, I've been trying to push myself to work harder at it. Lose weight or not, I want to push myself to get a fitter body, get a leaner body with strength rather than flab.

So my workout this week, consists of Bob Harper's newest DVDs, that I got from walmart for $9.

I did the 30 min toning section from the DVD on Tuesday which gave me a good 2 days of arms, thighs, and butt soreness. I could barely walk or do anything.

Wednesday: REST and unable to do anything at all. Due to soreness in entire body.

Thursday: I attempted the 1 hr cardio in the DVD and I had to take several breaks thru the workout to survive. My lungs felt like it was gonna burst. I had to switch to lighter weights in the middle of the workout because my arms were too sore to carry the 5lbs anymore. My thighs were shaking.

Friday: REST! I woke up feeling aches in every part of my body. My lower back suffered alot from the swings and squats in the workouts in this DVD. Bob Harper seems to enjoy doing lunges, and squats. Most of his workouts seems so consists multiples of variations of lunges and squats. Its really bad on my knees and hips though. I might not be able to do this DVD as often as I would like, but its a good addition to the collection I currently have. Adding to that with my hard core cardio at the gym, I should be good.

Saturday: Walk/Jog 5km on the treadmill at the gym. Finished it in 45 minutes.. I know i'm still quite slow. But I guess I should be able to slowly work up my timing right? After all, fitness is personal, and I should be going at my own pace and improve on it without wearing myself out.

I also bought this on the sale last weekend at Walmart. And I've been using it for some additional toning moves after my workouts. Did some crunches, followed by push ups and back extensions. Will try to add more moves as I go along, still reading up on how to use it to the fullest extent. ;)

Am heading to the gym tomorrow again. Lets hope I can keep this schedule every week and I will be off for a great start to 2011. My other goal is to cook as much as possible for this year, to cut down on our expenses, hopefully to bring up our savings.

My third goal will be to complete the certifications that I want to get. Which means, I gotta start studying loads!!! Sigh.

How has your week gone?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Coming soon!

I've been really getting lazy. So lazy in fact. I have alot to update. I have lotsa beautiful pictures to show. The amazing canyons and rocks that USA have to offer, a beautiful sight. But I've been so "busy" with catching up on my favourite dramas and shows, that I hardly blog. Somehow, mindlessly watching these shows do not give me anything interesting to blog about.

I haven't been doing much experimenting in the kitchen either. Well, unless u consider doing bubble tea a new twist to my kitchen repertoire. I did much baking over Christmas, and have a few interesting recipes to share. Even more upcoming bakes for the Chinese New Year. Bear in mind that where I am now, there's no Bak Kwa. And its a torture. I go through like 3kg of bak kwa every year in Singapore, by myself. I've gotta do some experimenting in the kitchen to try to get thru this MAJOR MAJOR craving of mine. Not forgetting pineapple tarts and such. I'll be back with some interesting results and more photos..

This weekend, I'll be in for a thrill ride.. We're going a little further down, to do something I'd probably would have never attempted in my life, but I do not want to regret not trying. I'll be back with some sneak peeks. Till then, please keep visiting! ;)