Thursday, August 25, 2011

A new house a new beginning

The last 2 months have been a breeze. I could hardly keep up. We had 2 weeks to move out of our place and move in a new home, we had a long weekend that we wanted to take advantage of and hit to roads to some places we had not visited, and we had to settle in our new home and prepare for the daily routines.

We hit up the usual Las Vegas on the first stopover in this road trip. We were lucky enough to get free room stay for 2 nights in a suite. And then it was off to San Diego, and lastly Los Angeles. We covered slot of new places this time round. Places that needed slot of time to cover. Mainly, Seaworld, Disneyland California, and Universal Studios. Yes, pictures will be coming up soon.

Settling into this new beautiful home, I'm quite satisfied with it. Initially had high expectations, wanted 2 toilets and 3 rooms. So I could have a guest toilet and a store room. But it worked out pretty great. Bigger kitchens, single toilet to share, and had an remote controlled garage which we also used to store our stuff. We also have a beautiful backyard, where I'm sitting down now to enjoy the summer, while typing out this blog post. I'm loving this home, and trying to maintain it in it's best condition that I can.

I've been happily experimenting in the kitchen as we finally have an open concept kitchen with a counter top where I can display and design my baking experiments. So you can really expect more food posts to come up, as well as tips on how to keep your homes in the best conditions, since that is what i've been reading up on mostly these days.

So, stay tuned!!

P.s. Book reviews coming soon. Some new purchases: