Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leave it behind

I've been facing a tough week. Probably said some stuff in a rougher way than I intended, out of my personal issues. When I thought life was just going down and downer, and when I got personally all shagged out, its all turning back.

I went to the gym yesterday with all intention to WORK it OUT. I wanted to put all my frustrations on the machines and weights. I wanted to come out all sore and happy. And I really did.

Pushed myself on the treadmill. I'm not really a runner, and while I've been doing alittle exercising here and there, I'm not really of a healthy state. And here, I've managed to push myself to jog 1.5 miles on the treadmill. I did 3.5 incline and 3.5 speed to warm up for 5 mins. Started jogging at 5 for 2 min. Slowed to 3.5 for 1 min. Pushed to 5.5 for 1.5 mins. Slowed to 3.5 for 1 min. And pushed to 6 for almost 2 mins. Repeated until 1 hit 1.5 miles in a sweaty mess, and my heart beat was almost pounding out of my head. I had a slight pain in my head while I was pushing myself to my limits.

Headed to the weight training room, and did my usual cycle before heading back for another mile on the treadmill and leaving, knowing that I've left it all behind.

Never felt better. =)

Are you making yourself feel better?