Friday, June 24, 2011

The Pregnancy Scare

I'm on a recent binge eating spree. I have no idea why. I've put on 4lbs over the last weekend alone. Then again it might be due to the birthday celebration of my buddy, which I organised at my house. I did home made Portuguese Egg Tarts, and a boobie birthday cake for him. He's almost like a younger brother to me, and while our friendship did not start up quite right, I guess over the course of one year, we have grown so much closer, probably due to the fact he's pretty close with my hubs, we've been going on a whole lot of roadtrips together, and has been staying over at my place almost every weekend. We've been so accustomed to each other's habits and such.

That said, finally my stress is over. I actually thought I'm pregnant. My period was late for 2 weeks and together with all these weight gain, and cravings for food, I was freaking out. I kept having the urge to puke, and was feeling nauseous at some point. I was feeling tired all the time for the past few days. To the extent, I actually used a pregnancy test kit on Sunday just to be sure.
My friend even commented my double chin is coming out again, and so was my ever bloated tummy.

My period finally came today, with a whoop for joy from me when I went to the toilet to pee. Don't get me wrong, if it turns out that I'm pregnant, the hubs and me are more than willing to keep and have a baby of our own. We're ready to complete our family, yet at the same time, we don't have any idea when is a good time to start "making babies" to prepare for that long 9 month discomfort. Plus, I have no idea how many month old does the baby have to be in order to get on the plane to fly back to Singapore in due time. I'm also worried as hell about the care of a baby since its one of my biggest fear to carry that fragile little creature, or how to give comfort to that crying beast.

We have been discussing about having kids pretty much recently. The hubs is worried that if we have one too late, health problems might arise for me, as well as the kid. We did think about having kids when we first came, and I stopped my contraceptive pills for that. I've been taking them for the past so many years, to control my menstrual flow and my cycles, due to my low blood pressure, I tend to feel faint during my period. However, seeing other families and their raging kids scares the hell out of me, and I made the hubs wear the rubber when we came around to having our bedroom workout.

I just wasn't ready for it. I don't know when will I ever be. I often wonder how other parents handle these. Hubs say, often, the skills will come naturally when it comes to you. I'm still fearful, and I feel the need to read and learn more about it before we conceive. But who am I to control the fate of nature? I guess in due time, we'll take away the rubber, and let nature decide.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My 165 rep sandbag workout today

I saw the 365 rep workout on bodyrock and decided to try it out, but I modified it as its 12am in the middle of the night when I did the workout, plus I'm still not in that much of a good shape, yet.

So instead of doing 30 each, I did 15 reps of each exercise.. And again, I modified it to suit the equipment I have. I used a 12lb "sandbag" which is actually a duffel bag I filled with pebbles.

The workout:
-Sandbag squat  backward lunge - 15 reps
-Triple knee tuck- 15 reps
-Sandbag combo - full body - 15 reps
-Forward & backward lunge w/ sandbag - 15 reps
-Sit ups - 15 reps
-Sandbag squat - 15 reps
-Plank side jumps - 15 reps
-Dips with legs straight - 15 reps
-Pendulum - 15 reps
-Push up - 15 reps
-Mountain Climbers -15 reps

Time taken: 15 mins 18 seconds.

I ended the workout with HIIT high knees. 4 mins of 20 second work, 10 second rest.

Super sweaty! But feeling oh so good! Did some ME time today, have u?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Falling off the bandwagon.

I've been saying that I want to go on this 100 day fitness streak started off my Sparkpeople, and I've tried it twice, each time only to fall short of 20 days, and fall off the bandwagon. Have you ever fallen off your fitness routine, how did you overcome it?

I found it hard to stick to it on weekends. While I know, I'm active on weekends window shopping, and gymming on Sundays, but I always feel I'm not worked out enough! Therefore, making me feel ashamed of not being disciplined enough to give myself 15 mins out of a 24 hour day. Have you ever felt this way? Feeling that you're not giving yourself enough? I like how my body is slowly toning up while I was stuck onto my routine, but once we hit a long weekend with a good 2 days of PH, and we get on a road trip, all that fitness flies out of the window.

Firstly, while on the road trip, I'm in the car sleeping half the time, 2ndly, I'm not alone in the room, we share with others, and its kinda hard to workout in shorts and sports bra while getting into awkward positions with another guy, other than my husband, in the room. I don't even workout at home, when my husband is around.

I don't think looking all wet and sweaty, with my specs about to fall off looks attractive. Plus, its hard to focus on yourself, when you're trying to avoid awkwardness with someone else staring at you. Especially not when, you have a layer of tummy flab all around you. Don't get me wrong, I love myself, and I'm not one of those obsessed with my physical appearances that I need to workout day in day out to get skinny till I look like a skeleton. As much as I hate that flab around my tummy, I'm not about to go on a crazy diet just to lose my weight.

I workout to feel good internally. To get rid of those pent up frustrations. To get stronger, so I get do more around the house than to wait for some handsome, kind, young soul, to come help me out with it. Anyone who knows my husband, knows that it takes ages to get him up and moving to get a task done. I have to nag probably 20 times to make myself feel like an old grandma, before he lifts a finger.

Given that my husband leaves me from time to time for work, each time weeks to months long, I guess its a good start for me to get myself stronger. Why do YOU workout? What keeps YOU sticking to your fitness routine?

I do need to get some sweat going, hopefully to release some frustrations of being lazy this week. I only squeezed in 1 workout this week, and its not making me feel any better.