Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vacation Withdrawal. Bring me back to Vegas.

I'm in vacation withdrawal. I didn't imagine myself to be in such a long withdrawal, neither did I expect myself to enjoy myself THAT much.

Its like what do you expect to get when you're on a vacation, seeing rocks, rocks, and hey, more rocks! We visited Arizona, Grand Canyons, Hoover Dam, VEGAS! And many other stopover points actually.

But the main great fun? ARIZONA & VEGAS. I partied, let my hair loose, danced, get drunk & wasted. & i realized that's what I've been missing all along. Call me crazy to poison my life, but I have been locked up in this cold freezer, being a full time housewife, nagged by my husband everyday, to be a better housewife. It is so different, so difficult to get adjusted to. I've NEVER cleaned a house at all. Now, I do all the cleaning. I hate it. Yes I know, its my house, and I have to clean after myself. But doing it all everyday, and doing it again the next day? SUCKS!

So we went on this vacation, with one of my husband's colleague. As much as we went out so often, I didn't really knew how he was like on vacation. I enjoyed his company day to day. But really when you're on a vacation, all you wanna do is have fun and have no arguments, therefore, i am very wary with who i travel with.

I WAS SO DAMN WRONG. This guy rocks. Hahaha. He made me laugh every single day no matter how much I tried to piss him off. I could totally be myself with him, as crazy as I want to be, and he didn't judge me. We had rocking fun with our friends in Arizona, I missed them so much... And we had crazier rocking fun in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? So.. I'm not going into details here...

But, we drink, drank, got high, and had so much fun... We suntanned, gambled, drank, jacuzzied, drank, gambled, drunk. Right now, I am just having vacation withdrawal. I just want to go back Vegas. I want to go crazy, get wild, let myself loose again.  The party animals wants to go out and play!!!

Oh.. Bring me back to Vegas pls.

Well, i will post up some photos, and my trip itinerary. But no photos of me in Vegas. ;) The memories will stay there.. I brought one back though, I found a great buddy, and one that I will treasure for a long time, and drag him with us for our vacations.