Friday, September 17, 2010

Another day of driving..

I still think I improved, well just a wee bit. The fact that I didn’t come from a family that drives, or own a car, its hard for me to pick up driving. Staying in SG, you never really needed a license. My parents never felt the need to. Taxis are available everywhere, and even in the wee hours, or the most secluded locations, you can always call for one. They’re quite cheap too, comparing them to the other more well developed countries.
So today we needed to make a trip down for groceries, and for an event that the Hubs needed to prepare for. I took the leap and tried to drive again, after my last scary incident, I wanted to pay attention, and stay calm. I did manage to stay calm for most of the entire trip, I even managed to get through the turn that I went up the curb on previously. It wasn’t a perfect turn, but it will make do for now.
I needed to make a left turn into the car park, so as I went to the middle lane, Hubs was asking me to STOP and wait. I was busy looking in my mirrors and front, I didn’t realise I didn’t stomp on the brakes hard enough, and I was rolling. He started shouting, and I stomped on it. There were cars coming on, and I was rolling. I was safe in a way, because I was looking for any oncoming vehicles, but I was wrong in the way where I’m supposed to go to a full stop, when I was still rolling. We had a brief fight after that, but all is good now. & I’m not gonna let that affect me.
I need to learn how to approach that middle lane to left turn, in that 3 way road. I need to remain calm, and I need to learn how to park. My learners permit is going to expire on 2nd Oct. And I’m not even halfway there. I’ll need to extend it, and get out there to practice more! Staying calm & collected is most important.
Apologies for the rambling, but i just need to get it out of me. The blog’s just my way of putting it all out and reviewing myself.

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