Saturday, September 4, 2010

The dreaded dependence on the pill

I'm taking a break off the pill this time. Long or short, I still don't know. But hubs doesn't want me to get back on, after he heard the dangers of eating the pill. I've been on it for almost 8 years, after my doctor prescribed me to take it to control my fainting spells during my period. I'm pretty dependent on it to control my monthly period, and my hormones. One thing good, it keeps my complexion clear, and also, my hormones in check. I don't get PMS as badly as I used to, and my mood doesn't swing as crazy, I don't get painful cramps, and of course, no pregnancy.

I bought 2 year supply of pills to bring over, thinking that we're here for only 2 years. Hub's contract got extended and the good news is, we're here for 2 years 11 months in total. Somehow or the other, I wouldn't have enough pills to last me thru our entire trip here. But hearing the advertisements harping on how the pill causes a higher risk of heart attack and stroke, its really getting to me. Probably when I'm much younger, I rather face these risks than get married and have kids unprepared. As of now, i'm married, and probably ready to have kids as they come.

We've decided to come off the pill, but I'm surprised to see the side effects coming on me now. Pimples are popping out (must start to make use of all my masks!!!), skin is getting from bad to worse. All of a sudden, my weight is dropping pretty scarily. Well, hubs is losing alot of weight too. I think its probably because I've been cooking the healthier choices, and adding herbs to our food to make it more tasty, thus, fulfilling. My last period after getting off the pill almost killed me. It was hurting like crazy all week, and lasted 5 days. I'm really hoping the effects are gonna wear off and my body can go back to usual. I'm hoping to start another workout regime, and my body can bounce back to the healthier state, as well as improve my appetite and increase my weight again. Sigh.

I hope coming off the pill now will help the effects of the pill wear off soon, and once my body goes back to normal, maybe we can consider having kids. ;P Wish us luck! hehe


  1. Good luck dear. I was on it before when I was 16. It did help regulate the monthly visits. However, I only went on it for 6 months. After stopping, there were no visits for 3 months. It did scare the hell outta me. But, things got back to normal thereafter much to my relief. Give your body some time to adjust.

    For cramps, try boiling red dates in water, and drink it. Ensure you pit them first. You don't want to go on a heaty spell. My ex-housemate swears by this remedy. Drink this daily a week before your expected date.

  2. thanks for the advice.. i'm happy i bought the red dates from sg to bring over. am looking forward to try them! i can feel that my body is slowly adjusting. had a rough first week, lotsa mood swings and such. but now its getting better. am hoping to start doing some of my workout dvds to giving myself more energy.
    thank u!