Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Green Monster

I've been surfing other foodie blogs since I started my adventures in my kitchen. Have to get some recipes for inspiration, and to satisfy my cravings at the same time. I came across The Green Monster Movement after surfing Oh She Glows blog from Julie's site.

As I was surfing through the recipes of smoothies that other readers have left, I decided to "heck it and make my own!" Green Monster. I didn't have any spinach, but I needed some green vegetables to make my Green Monster right? So after rummaging through my fridge, here's what I got for myself.

6 leaves of cabbage
2 celery stalks
a bunch of grapes
6 ice cubes
a drizzle of honey

Throw all into a blender, and blend blend blend, pushing it down with a spoon.

I gulped half of it down before remembering to take a photo of it. Well, I figured, I did it out of boredom, and if its going to give me some benefits for my health, why not? Its a helluva big cup for a person to drink. Great for detox and filling up my hungry tummy. It tasted good, and its a good way to make use of the leftover vegetables in the fridge, rather than letting them wilt and go to waste. I can't wait to make one for the Hubs, since he's adverse to eating Vegs too. Let's wait and see!

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