Friday, September 24, 2010

Dentists - the all time biggest nightmare

I have been having cold feet the last few days thinking about my dental appointment. Today came, and I went for it. I had to. Been having toothache for almost 2 months now. Procrastination, combined with the difficulty to get a dentist appointment here. The experience was awful.

Almost all my life, I've been having the fear of visiting a dentist. Since like Primary school. The dentist all seemed like monsters then, and they were out to hurt you with the metallic tools they have on a tray. Visiting a dentist is like going for a major op. They squeeze every damn equipment they can in between your lips, and it comes with a motor buzzing sound, followed by the painful vibrations as it rubs against your tooth.

Normally, I would have taken it with a bit of cringing. Today, I had to take it with a bunch of cringing and tears flowing down my forehead. I would say, the dentists in USA probably are the most technology advanced clinics, as compared to SG. They also go all out to make their places comfortable, and make sure you feel good.

As I lay down on the chair, with the huge spotlight hovering over me, the nurse came over, and told me she was going to start the massage. YES, we get massaged in the dentist clinics, but not the spa massage, the chair that we lie on, have the massaging function in it. Its like an Osim, but in a patient chair. WOW.

In front of me, was a LCD screen hovering behind the spotlight. It had a beautiful beach picture on a it while I was waiting for the dentist to attend to me. As the nurse was preparing, the x ray of my jaw appeared on the screen instead. The x ray was taken before we started, and it was done in a room, with a machine where you place your jaw and bite onto a plastic, and the machine goes around your head to take a 360 view.

I actually cried after the experience. But I understand that the dentist didn't have any other option. The cavity I had was in the back of my last wisdom tooth. He had to do everything based on a mirror reflection, and I had to open my jaw as wide as possible throughout that 1 1/2 hours so he could work on it. My jaw ached after the experience was over. My gums swelled and hurt and I couldn't rest my jaw properly due to the jaw cramp and gums bleeding.

I'm happy that the entire experience is over, but it also means I can't eat proper food for days. No nice food to show ya all. Its gonna be soup soup and more soups for now.

Till I recover,

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