Saturday, October 9, 2010

Get up and move this lazy ass!

I haven't updated about last week. I did mention on twitter that I wanted to start exercising again. I have been lazing since our San Francisco trip in August. All the muscle that I have gained pre-trip, is gone by now. Leaving behind, a layer of flab, which I have begun with. I'm by all means, happy with my body, be it fat, or not, but I want to exercise to keep myself healthier, and fitter for winter.

The snow is coming, meaning, snowboarding is in the calendar soon. I don't know whether this time, I'm going to be making a fool out of myself in the snow again, but I do know that either way, I'm going to be frost biting myself again in the mountains, while waiting for the guys to have their fun. The Hubs doesn't want to leave me alone at home, thus, I will always go with them, either waiting in the car, or the cafe.

So last Sunday, the Hubs had a badminton game scheduled, and had plans to head to the gym in the evening. He asked me if I'd be going with him, before August, I'd be nagging at him to go to the gym, as I've always been looking forward to a workout, and I've always been energetic then. Last Sunday, I was so looking forward to lazing in, as per, since after SFO. I just wanted to laze around and cuddle with him, but he had a game with his friends to play. So, either way, its either he go on his own, or I go with him.

I told him I didn't want to go, and made excuses like I had a ton of things to do at home, and asked him to go ahead. I tried to keep myself busy on the laptop, pretending to work on something. Just as he was about to leave, I decided to heck it, and changed into my workout gear and went with him. All the time, I was encouraging him to live a healthier lifestyle, change his diet, and be more active, and here I am, not leading by example. Gymming is healthy, and no cost for us here! So why am I actually hesitating? Its a good way to spend the weekend, isn't it?

So off we went, as he was hitting and smacking in the courts, I warmed up on the stationary bicycle for 20 mins. Hit up a sweat on the elliptical for 15 mins and gave the treadmill a good HIIT for 20 mins. I was sweating all over, and it felt damn good. I needed that, and I couldn't believe I've been lazing my way out of it for so long. Hubs broke out a good sweat on his games, and when we went home, I thanked him for bringing me along. It just made me feel good about working out again. And it was a great kick start. Daily workouts? I'm doing it. The plan starts next week, From lazy ass, to crazy ass.

Next week starts: More active lifestyle, and more vegetables. Joining me?

P.S. I've had an entire week of Green Monster aka spinach shake. My face is glowing, my hair is growing, and I'm feeling better than before. Just needing an active lifestyle now, to keep my body in check. ;)

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