Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday cakes, steaks for dinner, and my progress.

Been so long since I last uploaded recipes, but rest assured I'm still active in the kitchen, just a little lazy. Will be putting up a recipe for Carrot Cakes real soon. I did up a carrot cake with cream cheese for my friend's birthday. I also decorated it with chocolate frosting. Its quite yummy, but I expected alot more on the decor.

No, its not his 10th birthday, but his name is Ten, and he's a great friend of ours. I spent quite a bit of time on this cake. In fact, this was the 2nd time I was doing it. I did a trial run for the carrot cake before this to make sure I was having the right moistness, and the right consistency.

Its been awhile since I cooked at home, lazyness, paired with the hubs working weird hours again, made it quite tough to maintain the routine. We've been collecting the McD's monopoly tickets too. They're having the game here, with every meal bought. Its similar to the one that they had in Singapore previously.

I cooked up a quick dinner tonight, a medium rare tenderloin steak with Chicago Steak seasoning, paired with some roasted brussell sprouts. The hubs says he's gonna start liking the brussell sprouts again, since this time I roasted it awhile longer, and it really came out like chips, more than ever.

I'm still working on quitting and its been tough. Handling the frustration of trying to unwind the habit, the day to day stress and finding new ways to tackle it. So NOT easy. Its so funny that your body turns to other ways to handle the frustration, and sometimes it may be positive if you turn it the right way. Today, I only had one stick so far, and its already after dinner. I had the temptation this afternoon, and I turned it to chewing gum, and exercising. I did the No  More Trouble Zones workout by Jillian Michaels, with a pair of 3lbs weight.

I think by now its pretty obvious that I'm a JM workout fan. I think her body's awesome, and her workouts are tough. No doubt, my muscles are aching right now, but its either you go all out and leave nothing behind, or you're just wasting your time. I sweated a bunch today, but it went great. I was less breathless than before. My quitting is serving me well. I hope in time to come, I'll be able to work to jogging a 5km on the treadmill. I managed to do a 2.2 miles in 30 mins on last Sunday at the gym. 5km = 3.1 miles. So in time to come I will be able to get there, and I will start working on my timing instead. The pounds on the scale is still piling, but I'd say heck it, and just work on loving the image in my mirror.

Are you doing something good for yourself & your health?

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