Friday, October 8, 2010

1 fraud, 1 scam, 1 day.

I was very much looking forward to this week, as I know we're going to be having an awesome weekend. The photos and the fun will come later, but as of now, I haven't really been blogging, as this week just came off to a bad start. On Monday, I found out there were some unauthorised usage to my husband's card, and someone swiped off a good amount of our savings, and right now, I'm still trying to work with the bank to get back our money. I found out in the morning when he went to work, and I was doing my usual banking stuff, and noticed a huge amount deducted, which we didn't spend.

I called up the bank immediately, but was unable to access his account. Tried contacting him the entire morning, and gave up as his phone wasn't with him. I was just scared, wondering who was the one using the money, and how did it got swiped off. Luckily, I found his colleague on FB, and he went into their workplace to inform the Hubs, and he took time off from work to come back to call up the bank to cancel the card.

After the hubs left, I went to pay some bills online, and I found out our USA banks had been swiped too. We tried to buy some tickets online, but the transaction did not go through, and when I called the place up, they assured me there will be no cancellation charges, but however, my bank statement reflected that there was $50 deducted by that company. So once again, I had to go through the cancellations of cards, and submitting another dispute form to get back our $.

How unlucky can you get in a day? 1 fraud, 1 scam in 1 day? Its a bad start, and I'm just not feeling good about it. Didn't really cook well this week, didn't have the mood too. I'm just  hoping the banks will be able to get back what's rightfully ours.

On a bright note, I bought 2 books this week.

You can be sure some interesting food entries will be coming up soon... Meanwhile, let me have a good long weekend break, to get these stuff off my mind, and I will be back, with loads of pics. =D

Have a good long weekend!

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