Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yikes! Winter is coming??

The weather is super cold today. The aircon in the house is set to 77F, but when we woke up, its at 71F only. The floor was freaking freezing. No carpeting in our house. Lucky for me, I had my bedroom slippers on.

The locals here always tell us the weather in Idaho is always unpredictable. Winter came early last year. I read the news the first snowfall was in October. And being the first, its always heavier. I saw how the snow covered up houses, to the extent, some houses couldn't open their doors, due to the snow piling up on their front doors. Thankfully, we came in January, where snowfall was much lesser, to a certain extent, being the first experience of snow falling from the sky, we were sort of excited, and kind of enjoyed it.

This year, we'll be going through the entire winter. After experiencing the first time, can sort of expect what's to come. When we first landed, it was in freezing temps. We're talking below 0 degrees celsius. That lasted till March. And it was chilly till end of May. Our last snowfall of the last winter, was in May. The difference in the weather compared to Singapore, was huge. SG is being covered by islands and countries around it. We've been lucky. There's practically no wind in Singapore, just a slight breeze maybe, if you're near the beach.

When we say windy in Idaho, we're talking 40 miles per hour winds. That's 10 times the wind speed in SG. And that's not the max we have experienced. The husband, working on ground, outdoors, told me there's been 40 knots wind speeds before. Equivalent to 20 miles per second.

When we first arrived, and started shopping for our furniture and stuff, piling stuffs on our supermarket trolleys, I remembered how our boxes flew off in the wind. The entire plastic box practically flew out of our trolleys, over the cars in the carpark, and almost hit a woman. We were chasing after it. And it was very cold then. I wonder how this winter is going to be, I can feel it coming already. The summer heat has gone, and the wintry breeze is back.

I hope I have the strength to go through this winter, which I can feel its gonna be much worst than what I have went through earlier this year. Especially this time, with the husband going to be away for 3 weeks this time. Sigh. I will be strong.

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