Saturday, August 7, 2010

San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, & Vegas! I'm coming!

Yes, my prayers have been answered, and we're heading out on another roadtrip tomorrow to the city of hills, city of angels, and the booze city!!! ;)

I mentioned in my earlier post I loved Vegas so so much, and that I can't wait to go back there. This time, we're only staying for 2 nights, its a stopover from our long road trip through California. Finally get to explore another state.. I'm really quite excited about it..

I've packed all my cameras, my tripods, my extra batteries and chargers, and my netbook to backup all my photos. Definitely will be updating here with loadsa beautiful pics and sharing with u my itinerary for the trip. I will try to share a few of the other itineraries we have tried before, and show you some places we have visited in the USA, so you might want to take note and drop by those areas when you come over.

As for now, my heart is racing, I've seen so many pictures of San Francisco and I love the architecture and I'm excited about visiting the Chinatowns in all the cities we are going. The state where I am from, has no Chinatown, only a few Asian stores that sells Vietnamese stuff. Its hard to cook with these ingredients as they don't really give you the Singaporean taste that we miss so much.

Also, I read there's Japan Town in SF, and there's a Daiso there! Like, I'm crazy about Daiso in SG, why would I not be crazy about the Daiso in SF! Especially when I've been cooking for awhile and realise I should have bought "that" item when I was still in SG that time! I sure hope the guys give me some time to walk through Daiso so I don't make that 12 hour drive there wasted. After all, having good cooking utensils, means I can cook good food for them. Heh. ;)

Will be back with pics and fun updates! Meanwhile, keep exercising! I haven't worked out these 2 days, but did plenty of walking to the bank and groceries. ;)

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