Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 weeks without alcohol...

We've been here for quite awhile now. 7 months passed, and I must say, this place is still as boring as it is, the only difference is, the company you have with you.

Its true that being in the USA, where alcohol is cheap and no "kopitiams" around, the tendency to end the day with a bottle in hand on the sofa is often very tempting.

By cheap alcohol, I'm talking about maybe 50 cents a can of beer here? Its about the same price with coca cola back home in SG. Here being mostly surrounded by hubby's friends, all beer loving guys, its inevitable that myself, would start frequently drinking too.

I started drinking alot when we just came back on our last trip from Vegas. I drank alot at Vegas, there was hardly a moment after 1pm I was sober. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. And since that trip, I was drinking and buying alcohol every few days. I would drink everyday, some light cocktails which I bought for $3 for 4 bottles. They tasted great, made me feel happy. I called them my happy juice.

The furthest I ever gone was 2 days without it, and I would make up those 2 days with drinking extra bottles of BJ. That's the brand of my favorite alcohol drink here. I sometimes would go up to 4 bottles a day. get quite high and happy, thinking that it was helping me to get to bed.

However, drinking that amount, also made me wake up in the middle of the night, needing to pee. While it never gave me hangovers, it made me wake up the next day with slight aches in the body. I know alcohol isn't good for me, but I thought that it was good to help me doze in bed faster, and it kept me feeling happy!

With my recent craze in health and exercise, I've been reading up alot, and trying to get active in my lifestyle. It started when 3 weeks ago, I started doing my exercises more frequently, about 4 days a week, and I read that drinking alcohol would hinder muscle development. That would make all my exercising put to waste. And if I drank, it would make the next day terrible for me to exercise, since I would be aching. So I put aside the drinks and tried to go as far as I could without it.

So here I am, at week 3 and I know I'll be breaking the rules shortly, like this weekend, where I will be on my road trip cum vacation, which I will not be exercising, and will be stuffing my face with delicious food. And will end up at Vegas on the last day of the trip, where the casinos serve Cosmo on the rocks for $1. Something I can't avoid.

I'm not a strict diet person, I'm thinking of going for more nutrition in my food choices and all, but I'm someone who enjoys her food and choclates, and I will never go on a diet to starve myself. I eat about 5 meals a day, get a bloated tummy, but i still love myself & my body.

Hopefully this vacation I will still manage to get some "active" in. I know i will be taking alot of great photos and those "lunges" and "squats" to get those great shots, should help my bum somehow. ;)

Update: Did not exercise since Sunday, which I've been feeling guilty about. But I will definately push myself to workout tomorrow to clock some for this week before I leave for the trip.

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