Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm not dead, I'm just playing in the kitchen.

I've not fallen of the face of this earth, neither have I eloped with my husband. I'm just currently busy with all my holiday baking and such. Last couple of weeks, my husband has gone away for detachment, and I was busy hanging out with the other wives, which I've managed to get to know better over the time that our husbands are away.

Now that he's back, I'm actually busy with all the holiday baking for the little goodie bags that I intended to give away to the friends that I've made here. Well, isn't Christmas all about the joy of giving? I'm not the buying gifts kind, as I believe nothing can be a better gift than food. Food being home made by myself. Its a gift from the heart, hand made with sweat and love.

As u can see from how long since I've last posted, I guess u get the idea of how busy and slacking I have been. I'll be back with the cookie recipes I've been experimenting with, and some pictures!

Meanwhile, Happy holidays to everyone. Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year..

What are your new year resolutions? Made any? I'll post my resolutions after I get back from my hectic kitchen baking.

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