Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cold and snowy...

Its snowing most part of the day today.. Started off with light flakes.. And now progressed to full snow mist for the last few hours since 5pm.. Its 11pm now and it hasn't stopped. Forecasts seems to state that its gonna last through the night till tomorrow and another inch of snow expected tomorrow. Damn. Winter wonderland? You bet. Do I like it? Hell no!

Its way too cold.. The moment I open my windows the slightest bit, the snows comes blowing into the house. Freezing. I can't even stay outside long enough without my fingers freezing out.

Hopefully it'll get warmer in the afternoon so me can go out and shovel away the snow from my doorstep, and hopefully get to other wife's house to bake our Christmas cakes.

Lots to upload.. But its cold now, and I'm lazy.. Will try to pick up the pace after tomorrow. Will take pics of our cake baking...

Till then!

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