Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not watching the scale...

So I've been saying, I've been exercising to keep my body fit and healthy. There's a tendency to keep weighing myself when I started exercising, to see if I've been dropping the pounds off. But then I came to realise, my body is a in a normal BMI, there's no need for me to drop off any pounds or such to reach an underweight level.

What I really want is to get fitter, healthier, to give myself the option to do  a wider variety of outdoor stuff. Well, for me to fit in with the "guys" stuff. A good reason to weigh yourself before and after a workout is to make sure you are drinking enough water to fuel your body back to where it started. Sometimes we tend to drink too little water, and end up being dehydrated. And, being in the USA now, dehydration is common, and scary. Weather here is really, really dry. And while you don't feel that hot, you're actually already sunburnt.

I intend to monitor my progress by feel. When you stick to your routine, and maintain a regular exercise program, you can feel changes in your body. You can challenge yourself to do things that you never could. I would never have managed to jog on the spot for more than a minute before, which is why I only stuck to walking workouts all the time, but recently I've managed to jog on the spot for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between for 4 minutes in total. Without feeling breathless. I like that!

As usual, Monday, I was having my Monday blues, so I did not workout.

Tues, I did Shaun T's Insanity Cardio Recovery (50mins) + High Intensity Interval Training Cardio (20 secs work, 10 seconds rest, for total of 20 mins..

Wednesday, I did Shaun T's Insanity Max Interval Circuit (60 mins.)

Today, i will be expecting to go to the gym as its hubby's sports day every Thursday when he does the morning shift. We're keeping up the healthy lifestyle!

I started exercising early this year with 2 x 3lbs weights. I'm trying to progress to the 5 lbs weights that we bought on Monday. I'm experiencing aches  all over my back now, but no pain no gain right? I really do like how my arms are starting to tone up right now... After 5 months of training. A little stronger, but it feels great!

My camera's arriving today!! And i'm really excited to start the snapping this weekend. Lets see how it goes, and whether I can put up some photos soon!

Do check back!!

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