Saturday, July 24, 2010

Take healthy up a notch!

I don't know how many times I've probably attempted to get fitter in my life. But all the time failing miserably. I'd say, the first 23 years of my life, i've probably never ever felt the need to exercise. I love myself, with or without flabs. I don't mind being a little chubby, since it has always been under wraps. I must say, i'm first to get the MC of every reason in primary to secondary school just so i can skip the PE lesson every week. I would pretend to have pain here or there, and every month a certain week i have to be excused from PE lessons due to the woman's monthlies. Great excuse. Yep.

Little did I know, years later, it would all befall back on me. I don't really have a healthy lifestyle. I have plenty of vices. All bad for me, I know. I was constantly being breathless, and my chest was in pain every time i did something slight strenuous. I knew my health is not good, being sick all the time, and calling in for MC at work. I wasn't like overweight or anything.. My weight range maintained around 45 to 53kg most of the time. Its a huge range though. but it would jump back and forth depended on my health. When I get sick, i hardly have appetite for anything, so my weight would drop drastically. When I'm healthy and happy, I would just want to go out for nice food, and my weight would keep jumping up.

Being in Singapore, probably one of the most "rushing" places in the world. By rushing, i mean it seems everyday, every moment, everyone seems to be rushing somewhere. Even work is being rushed by the boss, friends rush you to meet them. Everything always puts you in a hurry, and you seldom have time for yourself even.

I've been in USA for around 6 months now, with the hubby working here for the next 2 years more to come. When we first arrived here, I was at my heaviest, 55kg, and breathless all the time. Due to the atmostphere, the elevation. I had chest pains, nose bleeds, everything possible. I couldn't possibly do anything. It was winter, and everyone wanted to ski/ snowboard. However, everytime i put my feet on the ski, and tried to go down the hill, my muscles would cramp, or i would pull some hamstring or something, and would end up in some terrible pain. Its just all due to the very unfit lifestyle i've been having. And I seriously wanted to change that. I'm only 25 now, and i felt like I was 40 at that moment.

So in winter (February), I started doing exercise videos, to keep warm at home, and to improve my fitness. We travel alot here, and there's alot of mountains here too. I don't want to be breathless everytime we set off to hike a new mountain. And we weren't even hiking, just trying to get a good view, to take photos! I needed get fit to keep up with the boys. I didn't want my health to hinder with what I could travel and explore around the USA.

I've been doing exercise videos for like 5 months now, the longest I've ever done something, and stay determined to do so. I like how my health has been transformed slightly. I've managed to shave a couple of KGs off. I'm currently at 51kg. And i've managed to put on abit of muscle. I'm actually enjoying the sweat and am starting to do my dvds more and more often, and have been trying to get active in my life. I try to go out for long walks, even just to go get the groceries, it would be a 2 mile walk. I keep trying to find housework to do, to keep my body moving. I love seeing my body getting leaner, and my muscles getting more toned..

So i've been watching youtubes for some inspiration of newer routines or seeing other women's workouts. And i came across this woman.

Can I say what an inspiration she is? Her body is awesomely sexy. She's HOT. Sweaty. And she's uber fit. Look at those muscles! SEXY! After watching her push herself to her maximum every workout, I thought about stepping up my own exercise routines.

Right now, i'm just doing a 40 minute video 3 - 4 times a week. And occasional walks, and that's about it. I love my body how it is, but I wish to get fitter, for health reasons, with defining the body alittle more as a side benefit. (A sweet gift for my husband for being supportive of me starting my active lifestyle.)

So now, i'm going to start pushing myself a little more, at the same time, use this blog to log my thoughts and my exercises down, to see how far I can push myself. I'm not gonna be thinking about the shape of my body, or my weight. I'm just gonna push myself for health reasons, and I'm hoping to start seeing results in the next 2 months. So let's see about that!

BTW, will be getting a new PC this weekend, and a new camera, a Lumix FZ35, to kick start my photography during our road trips. I love the natural surroundings we have here, and wish to snap all these into beautiful memories. Expect more updates, and more beautiful photos, coming your way!

Why not join me and start getting active yourself? ;)

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