Friday, June 22, 2012

Lifestyle 360!

Just 3 days ago, after baking some amazing museli cookies, and actually eating 5 of them in a go, I had a terrible bout of pain in my right torso. It hurt so much I could barely breathe. My entire right leg was numbed during the episode. It felt like a million knives stabbing at my right torso.

Thankfully, the hubby was around, and the pain came after I prepared dinner for both of us. I collapsed to the floor and he carried me to the sofa. And shortly after, it was too painful, and he rushed me to the hospital. After a round of urine tests and blood tests, the doctor said everything was at the right levels, therefore, it might be my stomach rejecting/ unable to digest the food I ate. 

He also mentioned it was very common for lactose intolerant people to slowly develop into gluten intolerant as well. So here I am, a self confessed cake addict, now being administered as gluten intolerant, and trying to find her way to another piece of cake without the pain.

Last 2 days, I had trouble walking as the pain in my right side was still there. And sometimes when I walked, there would be sharp pains down my thigh. My right lower back still hurts occasionally. Still trying to figure out what causes that.

While trying to work towards a gluten free diet, I'm still testing out some food like oats, and floured pastries, to see the extent of my intolerance. The donut gave me cramps on my stomach, and the oats, a bad headache... Sigh....

Trying to adjust my recipes and my pantry to a lactose and gluten free zone.. I'm calling this change the lifestyle 360, and its my route to a healthier life! Take away the nasty and throw in the healthy!

I've started with some recipe experimenting... Will share some once it tastes right.

Are you with me?

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