Thursday, June 14, 2012

A change in lifestyle

So fast forward to now, 2012. What have I been up to?

The hubby bought me a DSLR over the Thanksgiving Holiday 2011. So I've got myself pretty much into photography. Will share some photos when I get to how to put my watermark on the photos.. I'm really not into editing yet. Still learning, and hopefully, will eventually get there. But I do have some good shots of our travels, and some awesome shots of the food I've been playing with in the kitchen!

In January 2012, I had a terrible bout of giddiness, diarrhea, and alot of headache. After abt 13 bottles of poh chai pills (chinese medicine for diarrhea), and eliminating foods from my diet over the course of 2 weeks, I came to realise that my dairy creamer was the main cause. After trying other milk products, I came to a conclusion that I am lactose intolerant. So far, its tested to only milk products, and whey protein. Have no idea the limits of it, but I've replaced my milk with soy and almond milk, which in my opinion, seems healthier too!

The whole lactose intolerance issue started in January this year and lasted till early February before I managed to discover what was irritating my body, and completely eliminate them from my diet..

Just when I thought all was over, in early March 2012, I had rashes all over my torso. Initially, I thought it was bed bugs, or dust mites, and proceeded to clean out everything in the house, to get rid of the dust, and hopefully help my skin heal. But it started spreading across my body and onto my arms and thighs, to the extent I would jump out of my bed with an itch so bad that I could not go back to sleep. I became tired and agitated. After about 3 weeks of rashes, I finally decided to go to the doctor and was precribed Pityriasis Rosea.

Doc said there was no medication for it, and it would last 4 to 8 weeks and would eventually go off on its own. I was also told to try to expose the affected skin to sunlight, so that it would dry off and eventually peel off. After searching for natural ways to soothe the rash, and help the skin, it eventually cleared off in mid April, after almost 6 weeks of irritation.

The rash still comes back on and off, I still have small patches of it, but it doesn't itch that bad anymore.. Its not contagious or harmful in anyway, so I'll just let it ease off on its own.

At the same time, while looking for natural cures to my above 2 problems, I wanted to heal my body naturally from inside out. It seemed that over the last 27 years of living, I might have harmed my insides alittle too much from all the rubbish I've been eating. I came across 2 shows: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks over Knives.

Both shows changed my outlook on food, and what I put into my mouth. I'm also trying to get myself more active. I want to be physically stronger, and more independent. I'm trying to set aside around an hour everyday to do something active. I've been trying out yoga, and quite like it as well.

I'm also in the process of trying to "clean" up my foods and recipes. While I switch over to healthier options, and try out new recipes, and go into a little recipe development, workout to a healthier body, and learn take better photographs, I hope you will also enjoy the ride through this journey with me.

As I change my life, I hope I inspire you to change yours too.

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