Saturday, October 1, 2011

Falling into fall...

A blink of an eye, and summer is over. We're going into autumn, known as one of the most beautiful seasons of the whole year. The day starts chilly in the mornings, comfortably warm in the afternoons, and shiveringly cold at night. I would love it more, if not for the stark reminder that after autumn comes winter, and being one that hates cold, it sucks.

Winter here is crazy.  We've experienced temperatures here that has dropped way below, -18 degrees Celsius to be exact. Even layering the thickest clothes wouldn't help if you had the slightest bit of skin exposed. My nose and ears hurt with the slightest wind. Skin cracking and bleeding were a common sight. Lips were dry, and peeling constantly. If it was snowing, the water from the melted snow would seep into the shoes and my toes would hurt from frostbite. I hate winter, and I can't emphasize it enough.

The hubs is looking forward to it though. It means he could go out onto the mountains and snowboard and play all he could, and his wife couldn't follow him, 'cause she was too afraid of the cold, and the speed and adrenaline rush was really not for her.

I wonder what winter would bring this time around. Would we break last year's record snowfall? We'll see.

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