Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 mth of MIA and my holiday in Singapore

Dear Savvy Wife,

I haven't been good. A week before my holiday, I was busy buying gifts and packing luggages for the trip. Mind you, 3 weeks of holiday and visiting back home, is a hell lot of gifts to pack. 2 luggage of gifts and a luggage of clothes for each of us, that makes 4 x 20kg each. Thank SIA for good baggage allowances. Our total:

2 x laptops
2 x hand carry
4 x 20kg luggage
1 handbag

You practically need octopus arms to carry all of them. Lucky for us, we had friends to help us. I couldn't manage to carry any of them.

We had 2 important things to cover on our trip back.

1) To see and spend time with our parents
2) To eat as much local food as we can.
3) To enjoy the sun.

We did plenty of both, and only ate in hawker centers, which, to our dismay, caused our to fall sick in the first week. The toilet runs did me no good, I actually lost 3kg due to that. The weather was hitting on us, too warm, and too sweaty. And the food from the hawkers, too oily and probably not too cleanly prepared, compared to the home cooked food I've been providing back here.

It was a good 3 week holiday back to Singapore and we had pretty much covered all the food that we missed having back here. I took lotsa food pics and made a mental note to replicate as much as I can back here in USA.

As such, you'll probably be seeing alot of my failed recipes coming up on my blog real soon. And I have yet to start my workout routine again. I've fallen off my routine after falling sick in the first week. I spent much time sleeping off the jetlag and fever/flu/cough due to the weather and food.

Now, i'm trying to get off the dizzyness I'm feeling due to my periods. I have low blood pressure, and all the loss of blood is causing me to feel dizzy, and crampy.

I'll be back soon, after I get used to the housewifey routine, and packing up the home.



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