Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Testing the limits of the Nokia BH 905i

As with every purchase of a new gadget, I like to bring them all out for a good spin. I take pride in knowing my gadgets well, and testing them to their limits before deeming whether they are good for me, or whether I'd recommend them to my friends.

I've already talked about the physical aspects of this headset and compared it with the celebrity studded Dr Dre's Noise Cancelling headset.. So now let's talk about quality. Can the Nokia BH 905i provide?

1) Bluetooth Connection.

It connects well with my LG G2x and occasionally on my iPad 2.

When paired with LG G2X:

The music I get from my G2X is crisp clear especially with the DTS selected. The first time I heard some of my favourite old classics, I actually teared because I could hear the words so clearly.  I have tried connecting it to my phone and moving around the house and the music still maintains the quality with minimal breaking.

When paired with iPad 2:

When I paired it at home to watch my dramas on the iPad 2, I had no problems connecting or listening the entire hour of the show. Or rather few hours since I usually watch multiple espisodes of it. However, when I tried to connect to listen to my music library on the car, it breaks every 15 mins or so.  I'm not too sure if it was because there were too many interferences on the road, especially with the FM transmitter and radio turned on.

2) Style

I love black and I can never be the meticulous girl that keeps everything neat and clean at the same time, therefore, I bought the one in black. Also, another point to note, most electronics in white turn yellow after long term usage. Anyway, it matches my black G2X as well.

With its shiny metallic surface, it also does stand out quite abit, so I have no problems wearing it over my well blinged Ed Hardy cap to show it off. ;)

3) Battery life

Even with frequent usage of a couple of hours a day, I usually have to only charge it once a week, twice maximum. I've read it could last up to 11 hours of usage, and go on a week of standby with no problems. Of course, if you use the active noise cancelling function, its gonna suck up the battery quite a bit
4) Noise cancelling function

This is one feature I was most impressed with. When I showed the Nokia BH 905i to my friends, and they tried it on, they were shocked too. When you turn on the ANC function, you practically can't hear yourself screaming, let alone talking.

I've tried it while vacuuming the floor, and couldn't hear my super loud Bissell vacuum at all! On long road trips where the buzzing from the car, the radio, and crazy singing friends were all cramped in a vehicle, I could still enjoy the beauty of my music and not miss a beat of lyrics. I was singing to my favourite songs while the husband was Xboxing with Gears of War 3 with the 5.2 speakers and still not hear a single gun shot.

And I wasn't even on my usual noisy hiphop/RnB songs, mind you!

5) Bass/Treble Boost

There's a little button on the right side of the earphones where you press to boost your bass, or treble, or both! The boost did give a significant improvement on the song, and got me on my feet dancing! I know! A housewife dancing while vacuuming, and singing at the top of her lungs, imagine that! "Everyday I'm vacuuming!" *proceeds to do a lousy shuffling of feet*

6) Dual Voltage

Another thing to point out, its dual voltage. You can bring it to most places and all you'll need is a travel adapter, which you can easily borrow at hotels, to charge it. I was glad it was dual voltage, as it means that I can bring it back to Singapore not worry about needing to get a transformer just to use it. 

7) Ease of use

All the buttons are easily accessible and after using it for a couple of times its easy to remember where to press to navigate it to do what you want. 

8) Comfort
I've put it on for hours on long road trips, and watched drama serials on it, and still feel good to continue wearing it. No ear cramps, or aches with the head set on.


1) Old Nokia charging pinhead.

I really wished that Nokia would upgrade their chargers and change all of them to the standard usd chargers. These days everyone is up and about and traveling longer terms. When I go on roadtrips (usually 8 to 12 hr drives), I bring along my iSound external usb charger to keep my handphone and iPad 2 juices going. And I would have loved it if this headset could have been charged via that as well.

I'm very thankful that Nokia allowed me to trial this headset, as well as the mobile phone N8. I'm apologetic that I'm unable to review the mobile phone as I'm currently too dependent on the Android apps on my current G2X that I wasn't able to plug in my SIM card to trial the phone for longer usage.

But the good news is, given the trial period, I was confident enough in the BH 905i that it compliments the usage of my other gadgets, and allows me to enjoy the most mundane tasks with my favourite music. I bought it from Amazon after a week of trial!

If you notice the above photos, I still have the plastic on it! Didn't want to scratch the beautiful, shiny surface. So I do recommend the Nokia BH 905i, and if you intend to get one for yourself, you'll not regret it.

P.S. Nokia did not pay me to do this advert. I requested to trial this set on my own, wanting to justify if I should make this purchase. It ended with a happy purchase with my own money. The above is my own opinions of the headset. Feel free to post any questions and I'll try to reply them the best I could.

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  1. Thank you for the thourough evaluation of the heatset. I am also torn between the beats and the bh905i. But i want to ask your opinion when using it while working out. Jumping running sweating is it to heavy? And i'm concerned about workin up too much sweat and getting the device wet and possibly damaginf it?

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you.